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FR Bowsider 'Carriage 19'

Produced in collaboration with Will Curry, this laser cut kit represents ‘Carriage 19’, with two central, ‘First Class Compartments’, flanked at each end by two ‘third class’ compartments, all of which were separated by full height partitions.

When first constructed, the sole-bars on these carriages were covered with wooden strips. However these were removed for much of the latter half of the 20th Century as an aid to maintenance before being replaced during the 21st century.

The kit can be provided with parts to represent either condition; The vehicle illustrated here in the ‘red and cream’ ‘Mountain Prince’ livery, depicts the vehicle with the ‘open sole-bar’ arrangement, whilst the kit shown in in the 1920s green livery, has the sole-bar covers in place. Please specify when ordering.

The kit is also supplied with 3D printed lamp-tops as standard, for those wishing to represent the vehicle in its ‘Victorian’ Guise.

Given the need to provide for the eponymous ‘bow-sides’, this kit will only be available in plywood. As per prototype, the floors are raised at both ends, in order to accommodate the bogies mounted below. On 32mm gauge there is room for the bogies to rotate adequately to allow the carriage to negotiate a 2ft 6in radius curve (although the body cuts a substantial chord in the process).  At present I am unsure what the constraints would be for 45mm gauge; so, if anyone running on 45mm gauge would be interested in a kit then please contact me and I will look into the possibilities.

The kit also includes, 3D printed representations of the distinctive Balcony Rails, Door Handles and Grab handles. As standard the kit also includes ‘SLR Models’ 3D printed ‘Door Buffers’ and ‘Door Lock Covers’, all of which are manufactured here in the UK. Despite their fine appearance these are surprisingly strong components, especially once mounted in position and will easily stand respectful handling.

Other features of this kit are individually glazed panels with droplight frames / and or window beading in full relief. Interior panel detail is supplied in full, but the upholstery is left to the builder’s discretion; a suggested ‘fit-out’ is depicted in the accompanying photographs. Prototypical profile bogies, complete with steel wheelsets and bronze bearings are supplied as standard.

Whilst the kit is not supplied with couplings, a choice of headstocks are available to suit either ‘Accucraft Chopper Couplings’, affixed from behind the headstock (as depicted) or a plain headstock to accept plain buffer couplings.

The lettering illustrated here, as well as other prototypically suitable decals is available separately from ‘Endon Valley Custom Transfers’.


- 16mm Scale Laser Cut, Plywood Kit

- Proven, hidden slot and tab construction to aid accurate assembly

- Option for different Sole-Bar arrangements depending on era modelled.

- Panelled interior detail

- Individual glazing panels, complete with droplights and exterior window beading modelled in full relief

- 3D printed, Lamp Tops, Door Handles, Door Stops, Door Lock Covers, Grab Rails and Balcony Rails

- Includes 'FR style' Plate Frame Bogies', complete with steel wheelsets in 32mm gauge as well as suitable bearings.

- Does not include couplings, vacuum pipes or lettering.


L: 555mm (Over Headstock)

W: 95mm (body)

H: 125mm above railhead


PLY: £130.00 Plus Postage

If you would like to place an order, please see our 'Ordering Page'

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