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RNAD Gunpowder Van (GPV) Kit

These Four-Wheel Vans were designed for use at RNAD sites, and were especially designed for safe and easy handling of large munitions. In addition to the side doors, the sliding top hatches allowed overhead cranes to lower objects directly into the van. All of the metal fixtures and fittings were made of brass to avoid creation of sparks.

Whilst they were used at various RNAD sites, a particularly large allocation was found at ‘RNAD Trecwn’ near Fishguard in South Wales. After disposal by the MOD, many of these easily re-gaugeable vehicles found their way into preservation, with examples to be found at Welsh Highland Heritage Railway, Lynton and Barnstaple, Talyllyn, Corris, Great Whipsnade, Amerton Farm, Statfold Barn, Hollycombe Collection and Welshpool & Llanfair to name just a few. Whilst some retain their original WD colours, many have adopted colourful new liveries, offering endless variety for the modeller. It should also be noted that many railways have removed the sliding hatches, which were prone to leaking and replaced them with a solid roof. Something that can be easily represented with this kit.

Suitable for the prototypical or freelance modeller, this ubiquitous type of vehicle should look at home on any garden railway.

For those who would like to assemble a complete train of these vehicles, multiple purchase deals are available; please see pricing below.


- Laser cut kit in MDF or Plywood

- Proven ‘Hidden Slot and Tab’ construction for easy, accurate construction.

- Highly detailed, with copious engraved rivet detail and full strapping.

- Complete with Binnie Engineering Wheels and Axles as well as HGLW Oil Filled Bronze Bearings and correct pattern SLR Models 3D Printed ‘Bell-Mouth’ Couplings

- Can be built to 32 or 45mm gauge as standard

These vehicles carried their markings in several different styles and as such lettering is not provided in the kit. However, ‘Endon Valley Decals’ produce an appropriate decal pack which can be purchased directly from them.

MDF: £45.00 each + Postage or 3 for £120 + Postage

Plywood: £50.00 each + Postage or 3 for £135 + Postage

If you would like to place an order, please see the information on our ‘Ordering Page’.

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