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Tourist Carriages 37 / 38

The latest addition to Resurgam Rolling Stock’s ever-expanding range of 16mm scale kits take the form of Ffestiniog Railway ‘Tourist’ Carriages 37 and 38. These stalwart FR vehicles were built at Boston Lodge in 1971, using ex ‘Hudson Bogie Wagon’ Frames and have been in regular traffic ever since. Up to the end of 2019 they were frequently used to strengthen well subscribed service trains, proving particularly popular with passengers in fine summer weather. Meanwhile, in more recent years they have been regular components of the Covid-Secure services. At present Carriage 37 is carrying the Red and Cream ‘Mountain Prince’ livery, with 38 carrying the ‘1960s’ Green and Cream.

These latest 16mm scale laser-cut kits, have been produced in collaboration with William Curry combining his excellent scale drawings, and Resurgam Rolling Stock’s proven hidden slot and tab construction methods to aid accurate assembly.  Apart from the differing liveries, there are a number of small detail variations between the two vehicles, and as such two distinct kits are available to cover these differences. Available in MDF or Plywood, great care has been taken to correctly represent the relief of the external panels and there is full engraved detail as appropriate inside and out. The kits include prototypical WDLR/Hudson Bogies with 32mm gauge steel wheels on shouldered axles and bronze bearings. They also come complete with 3D printed door furniture, including the guard rails on top of the doors, which feature the correct ‘Round’ cross section.

Currently these kits are only available for 32mm, and will easily operate down to at least 2ft 6in radius curves with the correct couplings. There may be scope for a 45mm gauge version, although the minimum radius may be subsequently increased.

Couplings and decals are not supplied with the kit, but the correct decals for both 37 and 38 are available from Endon Valley Custom Decals.


Length Over Body: 281mmLength Over Bogie Headstocks: 308mm

Max Height (Original): 125mm

Width Over Body: 89mm

Extreme Width: 105mm


Prices (All Prices + P&P)

Ffestiniog Railway Carriage 37 or Ffestiniog Railway Carriage 38 (Please specify when ordering)

MDF: £80.00 each

Plywood: £90.00 each

If you would like to place an order, please see our 'Ordering Page'

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