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Today, Resurgam Rolling Stock offers a large range of Laser Cut Rolling Stock Kits for 16mm Scale from Plywood and MDF. All kits incorporate proven ‘hidden slot and tab’ construction techniques which in conjunction with clear, fully illustrated, diagrammatic instructions allow easy, accurate construction of even the most complicated looking prototypes. Whilst Resurgam Rolling Stock has only been trading from October 2018, my own involvement in the 16mm hobby goes back much further.

Resurgam Rolling Stock can probably trace its ultimate origins back to my very early childhood where, as the son of a railway enthusiast in North Wales I inevitably became familiar with the Ffestiniog and later the rebuilt Welsh Highland Railway. I have a soft spot for most of the F&WHR fleet, but was always particularly impressed by the NG/G16s. As I grew older the lure of live-steam drew me into the world of 16mm scale and very early on I was totally captivated by a coal fired NG/G16 running at a local group meeting. From then on, I always wanted a coal fired, 16mm scale Garratt. As time passed, I was drawn yet further into 16mm scale, as well as becoming involved with the full-size counterparts. I also started taking a deeper interest in the 2ft Gauge lines in South Africa from which the WHR NG/G16s and albeit unrestored NG15s had been obtained.

It took a while but eventually my resources allowed me to finally obtain my own coal fired NG/G16 from ‘ELR Engineering’, who alas have since ceased trading. Supplied at my request in South African Railway’s livery, it proved a superbly powerful and easy to use machine, which performed well straight out of the box; but then I hit the next catch. Despite an extensive search and endless enquiries, there was very little matching South African Railway rolling stock readily available at the time. It was readily apparent that the only way I was going to get what I wanted, was to do it myself. I had received a basic grounding in 2D CAD and laser cutting at school and so I set to drawing up a variety of kits, for the vehicles I wanted. It was then about 3 months later that I received the ultimate stroke of luck. A local model shop had recently taken delivery of a laser cutter and were able to cut from my drawings. So, after another few months of ‘on and off’ development I found myself with a number of finished models, and several more showing real promise. Now I had all of the CAD files sitting their collecting metaphorical dust; maybe I could put them to work? Having shown the prototypes to a few friends and contacts I started making it known in certain quarters that these would be available as kits; I was astonished at the level of interest. So it was that in October 2018 the Resurgam Rolling Stock Brand was launched via the Facebook Page. Since then, the range has continued to expand and in May 2020 saw the laser cutting brought fully in house with the arrival of my own machine. Whilst my signature range of SAR kits remains popular and continues to expand, I continue to apply my methods and techniques to a variety of prototypes.

David L Williams

Proprietor: Resurgam Rolling Stock

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