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Hudson ‘All Steel’ Drop-Side Bogie Wagon (a.k.a. Ffestiniog Railway ‘Locoal’)

These kits represent vehicles originally built to the design of Robert Hudson, many of which were originally used at the RAF Munitions Store at Fauld, in Staffordshire. However, they have proved a useful and long-lived design, with many finding their way into preservation. Amongst others, examples can be found at the Apedale Valley Light Railway, […]
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Hudson ‘Raletrux’ MOD Narrow Gauge Flat Wagon (NGF) (a.k.a. Ffestiniog Railway ‘MOD’)

These 16mm scale kits represent ‘5 Ton Bogie Flat Wagons’, which were built by Hudson Railtrux and Thompson in the late 1980s for use by the Ministry of Defence, who designated them ‘NGF’ (Narrow Gauge Flat). They were part of a batch originally allocated to RAF Chilmark and its satellite installation at Dinton, in Wiltshire. […]
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Hudson Steel 4W Wagon (a.k.a. Ffestiniog Railway ‘RAF’)

These kits represent all-steel 4W wagons built for use at various RAF sites. In 1963, following disposal from the MOD, 15 were acquired from RAF Lichfield for use by the Ffestiniog Railway Permanent Way department. On the full-sized prototype, the side doors hinged down and could be removed altogether if required; the bulkhead at one […]
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