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The Royal Naval Armaments Depot, was the designation for a number of armament depots located around the UK, primarily intended to meet the needs of the Royal Navy but later extending to other British and Allied forces. Normally consisting of multiple underground ‘magazines’, they were generally rail served by the national network, and many had internal 2ft 6in gauge railway systems to facilitate distribution between the standard gauge railhead, magazines and workshops.

These, true to 16mm scale kits, represent some of the most common narrow-gauge vehicles found in these depots some of which were in government service until as recently as the early 2000s. A significant number of these vehicles have made their way into preservation, and being easily re-gaugeable have also found homes on 2ft, 2ft 3in and of course 2ft 6in gauge lines; they seem to turn up just about everywhere.

Whilst some of these vehicles retain their traditional naval grey colour scheme, others have been repainted into countless new liveries, offering a plethora of options for both the prototype modeller or freelancer alike and should look at home on any garden line.

RNAD Bogie Brake Van Kit

Several types of steel bodied ‘Bogie Brake Vans’ were built by ‘Hudson Raletrux’ for use in various British Military establishments during the late 1980s. This particular example is based on a 2ft 6in gauge design, used by the Royal Naval Armaments Depots, with examples known to have been allocated to both Dean Hill and Broughton […]
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RNAD Gunpowder Van (GPV) Kit

These Four-Wheel Vans were designed for use at RNAD sites, and were especially designed for safe and easy handling of large munitions. In addition to the side doors, the sliding top hatches allowed overhead cranes to lower objects directly into the van. All of the metal fixtures and fittings were made of brass to avoid […]
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RNAD Bulkhead Flat Wagon Kit

These four-wheel, bulkhead flat wagons were built for use at RNAD sites, transporting various munitions from the Standard Gauge Interchange to the various workshops and magazines. Many survived into preservation at various locations and whilst some remain in original condition, many more have donated their underframes, to be rebuilt with other body work. These vehicles […]
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RNAD Four-Wheel Brake Van Kit

These Four-Wheel Vans were designed for use at RNAD sites, providing breaking power on the ‘unfitted’ trains working from the standard gauge interchange sidings, to the workshops and magazines. Many have been preserved, some in close to original condition, whilst many others have been rebuilt to varying degrees. The perfect accompaniment to our other RNAD […]
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Ex-RNAD Converted Coal Wagon Kit

This kit reflects the second lease of life enjoyed by many of the ubiquitous RNAD vehicles. If you have a look around the many and varied preserved narrow-gauge lines you will often find vehicles which have been built to match local requirements, but based on ex-RNAD chassis and running gear. The vehicle depicted here is […]
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