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SAR ‘Ex-USATC Box Vans’

These distinctive United States Army Transportation Corps type vehicles were originally constructed by the American Car & Foundry Co. for use on the Vicicongo Railway. However, 220 were subsequently purchased by SAR in 1945. Originally built with air brakes and Vicicongo type couplings, they also required their wheels turning to SAR standards, as well as […]
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SAR ‘NG G-7 ‘Cattle Wagon’

Cattle and dairy traffic were a major component of traffic on many of the 2ft Gauge lines in South Africa. The ‘NG G-7’ was a later design and utilised predominantly on the Port Shepstone to Harding Line. Specification - 16mm Scale Laser Cut Kit available in MDF or Plywood - Proven, hidden slot and tabs […]
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SAR ‘NG O-3’ ‘Insulated-Wagon’

In the late 1970s, trials were conducted into the transportation of pre-cooled palletised fruit on the Avontuur Branch, which required the use of an insulated van. Following a successful trial, all 200 ‘NG OZ-6’ vehicles were rebuilt along with many ‘NG OZ-5s.’ In order to accommodate an international standard pallet of fruit stacked 6 cartons […]
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SAR ‘NG OZ-5 ‘Ventilated Wagon’

These ventilated wagons were the mainstay of fruit traffic on the Avontuur line for over 50 years, but also found use in general traffic. During the fruit season they were often seen running in substantial block consists behind double headed ‘NG15s’, and frequently sheeted over with tarpaulins. In the late 1970s, many were rebuilt as […]
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SAR ‘NG TZ-9 ‘Water Cooled Wagon’

The heat in South Africa was often a barrier to transporting perishable goods, but as new narrow gauge lines opened up previously inaccessible but highly productive agricultural areas, the need to transport dairy products became ever more pressing. Whilst simple water-cooling systems had been used in cold storage rooms, it wasn't until the mid-1920s it […]
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