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SAR ‘Ex-USATC Box Vans’

These distinctive United States Army Transportation Corps type vehicles were originally constructed by the American Car & Foundry Co. for use on the Vicicongo Railway. However, 220 were subsequently purchased by SAR in 1945. Originally built with air brakes and Vicicongo type couplings, they also required their wheels turning to SAR standards, as well as conversion to vacuum braking and SAR chopper couplings before they could enter service.

Of the 220 vehicles purchased, 155 were further modified by having their roofs raised 12 inches, with the gap left open apart from the supporting struts. This improved the carrying capacity from 755 to 890 cubic feet. Photographic evidence shows these vehicles in use on many of the SAR 2ft gauge lines.

There are copious detail differences between the many examples, not least that over time, many of them lost their sliding doors in favour of the hinge type double doors. Also, there are many different strapping arrangements and indeed some have ventilator grills in the sides and/or ends. However, the initial Resurgam offering presents you with two variations on a similar theme.

Both are representative of vehicles fitted with sliding doors (dummy). One of the kits available represents a vehicle close to its original SAR condition. The second kit features a similar example, but with the raised roof. If you would be interested in other detail variations, then please get in touch.

These kits will allow SAR modellers to create varied, authentic formations using Resurgam kits. However, the low roof version would make an excellent ‘medium to large’ sized generic box-van on any garden line.


- 16mm Scale Laser Cut Kit available in MDF or Plywood
- Original and Raised Roof Versions Available (Please specify when ordering)
- Proven, hidden slot and tabs construction for easy and accurate assembly
- Dummy Brake Detail
- Copper wire is supplied to make the handrails and handles
- Includes 'Diamond Frame Bogies’, complete with steel wheelsets in either 32 or 45mm to suit your preference as well as suitable bearings.
- Does not include couplings, vacuum pipes or lettering

Length: 372mm (Over Headstock)
Height: 140mm (Original) 157mm (Raised)
Width: 100mm (Over Body) 108mm (Over Door Runners)


Most of the vehicles represented in the range were built in significant quantities. As such no lettering or numbering is provided as it would be impractical to include so many numbering options. However, ‘Endon Valley Decals’ produce appropriate decals and these can be customised to suit your requirements.
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Ex-USATC 'Orignal Condition':

MDF: £75.00

PLY: £80.00

Ex-USATC 'Raised Roof'

MDF: £80.00

PLY: £85.00

If you would like to place an order, please see our 'Ordering Page'


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