Rolling Stock Kits

Hudson Steel 4W Wagon (a.k.a. Ffestiniog Railway ‘RAF’)

These kits represent all-steel 4W wagons built for use at various RAF sites. In 1963, following disposal from the MOD, 15 were acquired from RAF Lichfield for use by the Ffestiniog Railway Permanent Way department. On the full-sized prototype, the side doors hinged down and could be removed altogether if required; the bulkhead at one end could also be removed if required. The handbrake, acts on all four wheels and is accessed via a platform at one end. They are often used for handling bulky, loose loads such as ash and ballast and are a common sight in various infrastructure department workings.

A kit is available for both 16mm and 7/8ths scale. The 16mm scale version would be a great accompaniment to the Roundhouse Engineering model of FR P-Way stalwart, 'Harlech Castle’. For those looking for a short, but prototypical FR train, 2020 has seen them in use on a variety of departmental workings in the charge of various smaller steam locomotives; most notably ‘Lilla’. Naturally, these small 4W wagon kits would also look at home with any of the myriad smaller diesel outline locomotives currently on the market.

Due to the need to maintain a definitive scale outline, the 16mm scale version of this kit is currently only available in 32mm gauge. If you would like a 16mm scale kit on 45mm gauge, such a model, with altered headstocks and frames is in development. Please get in touch if you would be interested.


-16mm & 7/8ths Scale Kits Available: (16mm version is 32mm gauge only)

- Laser Cut MDF or Ply

-Proven Hidden Slot and Tab construction for easy accurate assembly

- Simplified Brake Rigging Detail

- COMPLETE WITH: Binnie Wheels and Axles, as well as HGLW Bronze Bearings.


16mm Scale Kit

MDF: £25.00 + Post

Ply: £30.00 + Post

7/8ths Scale Kit

 MDF: £30.00 + Post

Ply: £35.00 + Post

If you would like to place an order, please see the information on our ‘Ordering Page’

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