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Hudson ‘Raletrux’ MOD Narrow Gauge Flat Wagon (NGF) (a.k.a. Ffestiniog Railway ‘MOD’)

These 16mm scale kits represent ‘5 Ton Bogie Flat Wagons’, which were built by Hudson Railtrux and Thompson in the late 1980s for use by the Ministry of Defence, who designated them ‘NGF’ (Narrow Gauge Flat). They were part of a batch originally allocated to RAF Chilmark and its satellite installation at Dinton, in Wiltshire. When those sites closed in the mid-1990s a number of these vehicles were transferred to Eastriggs, on the southern edge of Dumfries and Galloway, whilst others found their way into preservation. A pair went to the Mosely Railway Trust and a further 8 were acquired for use by the Ffestiniog Railway Permanent Way Department. The latter made particular use of these vehicles as rail carriers (usually in multiples of two or more), as well as for transportation of other more general components and materials.

These kits represents the shorter variant of NGF and are available in two versions. The first option is for original MOD condition with ‘end bulkheads’.

Alternatively, the kit can be supplied in the modified format as found on the Ffestiniog, with the end bulkheads removed, along with the brake rigging which is usually removed and/or secured on one end (Please specify when ordering). The FR version of the kit is also supplied with stanchions and cross bars (pre-drilled) for those wishing to represent them in rail carrying mode.

Both kits are supplied with the necessary parts to model these vehicles either with or without their ‘close coupling’ arrangements, to suit a particular member of the class and/or preference of the builder.

Whilst these latest kits will of course allow modellers to create authentic MOD or Ffestiniog Railway formations, these ubiquitous vehicles would make an ideal ‘small flat wagon’ on any garden railway.

As ever, this laser cut kit features proven hidden slot and tab construction techniques for easy and accurate assembly. A wealth of detail is present, along with the customary engraved rivets and dummy brake rigging.

A 7/8ths scale version of this kit may be produced if there is adequate interest; please get in touch for more information and to register your interest.


.- ‘Original MOD’ and ‘FR Condition’ variants available (Please Specify when Ordering)

.- Can be built with or without ‘close coupling’ arrangement (as standard)

.- Available in 16mm Scale

.- 32 or  45mm gauge; please specify when ordering

.- Laser Cut MDF or Plywood

.- Hidden Slot and Tab construction for easy accurate construction

.- Available for 32 or 45mm Gauge (Please Specify Ordering)

.-Complete with Binnie Engineering Wheels and Axles as well as HGLW Bronze Bearings.


MDF: £35.00 + Postage

Plywood: £40.00 + Postage

If you would like to place an order, please see the information on our ‘Ordering Page’

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