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SAR NG-V2 Brake Van ‘Original Condition’ Kit

This 16mm scale kit represents the characterful ‘V-2 Brake Van’ in its original SAR condition. This vehicle was rebuilt from an ex- Otavi Railway Box Van and was noted as often being used on limestone trains on the Avontuur Branch. It is shown here in Imperial Brown as depicted in S. M. Moir’s Photograph in 24 Inches Apart.

The kit is available in MDF or Plywood depending on your preference (see pricing below) and utilises hidden slot and tab construction as an aid to easy and accurate construction. As per all of my kits it features individual glazing pieces and droplight details. Due to the interior being very dark, no significant interior detail is provided.

Although prototypical for SAR, this short bogie vehicle would fit right in on all but the very smallest 16mm scale railways and its loading gauge would complement many of the medium and larger sized generic live-steam locomotives currently on the market.


- 16mm Scale Laser Cut Kit available in MDF or Plywood
- Proven, hidden slot and tabs construction for easy and accurate assembly
- Dummy Brake Detail
- Individual glazing panels, complete with droplights modelled in full relief
- Copper wire is supplied to make the handrails and door handles and steps
- Includes 'Otavi Leaf Spring Bogies', complete with steel wheelsets in either 32 or 45mm to suit your preference as well as suitable bearings.
- Does not include couplings, vacuum pipes or lettering

Length: 265mm (Over Headstock)
Height: 150mm
Width: 125mm (Over Duckets) 100mm (Body)


Most of the vehicles represented in the range were built in significant quantities. As such no lettering or numbering is provided as it would be impractical to include so many numbering options. However, ‘Endon Valley Decals’ produce appropriate decals and these can be customised to suit your requirements.
*I am not responsible for the content of 3rd Party Websites.


MDF £60.00 each Plus P&P

Plywood: £65.00 each Plus P&P

If you would like to place an order, please see the information on our ‘Ordering Page’

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