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CGR/SAR U-2 ‘Walmer’ Suburban Carriage

The Walmer Branch opened in 1906 and was a ‘passenger only’ line, built to connect the suburb of the same name directly to Port Elizabeth. A pair of very elegant Bagnall 4-6-2 tanks were provided as the prime motive power for this service, along with three distinctive balcony carriages; designated U-2. Bench seating was arranged along the side walls and a partition divided the first and third-class compartments. Whilst three vehicles were built, photographic evidence suggests that 2 of these vehicles, in company with a Brake Composite was a normal formation. 

Despite a high frequency of service, by 1926 the local motor buses had won most of the passenger traffic and the line was closed. Whilst the carriages were initially put to use on the main line to Avontuur, they ended their days in South West Africa, with the last being cut up in 1961.
The majority of this 16mm scale kit follows the usual Resurgam Rolling Stock philosophy of hidden slot and tab construction techniques, allowing positive location. However, to obtain the multi-axial roof profile, a hybridised roof-sheet technique has been employed. Whilst the outline of the roof sheet is defined, to aid easy and accurate placement, the inner plank lines have been cut-through to provide the flexibility required to take the form of the roof line. As such, the roof will require covering with a material of choice; as there are several options for this operation, it is left up to the builder to choose the method which suits them best.

However, for those who are unsure, a suggested method for covering with tissue paper (not supplied) is included in the instructions. It should also be noted that whilst the beading which runs around the edges of the roof is not unduly complicated to fit, a little patience is required. 

Although prototypical for SAR, this bogie vehicle would look at home on most 16mm scale railways and its loading gauge would complement many of the medium and larger sized generic live-steam locomotives currently on the market.


- 16mm Scale Laser Cut Kit available in MDF or Plywood
- Proven, hidden slot and tabs construction for easy and accurate assembly
- Fully fitted interior
- Dummy Brake Detail
- Individual glazing panels, complete with droplights modelled in full relief
- Coloured copper wire is supplied to make the handrails and door handles
- Includes 'SAR style' Plate Frame Bogies', complete with steel wheelsets in either 32 or 45mm to suit your preference as well as suitable bearings.
- Does not include couplings, vacuum pipes lettering or roof covering material.

L:476mm (Over Headstock)
W: 121mm (Over footboards) 108mm (body)
H: 150mm above railhead


Most of the vehicles represented in the range were built in significant quantities. As such no lettering or numbering is provided as it would be impractical to include so many numbering options.
However, ‘Endon Valley Decals’ produce appropriate decals and these can be customised to suit your requirements.
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MDF £115.00 each Plus P&P

Plywood: £125.00 each Plus P&P

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