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Ffestiniog Railway 'Enhanced Saloon - Panoramic Windows'

This 16mm scale, laser cut kit represents the later variant of the Ffestiniog Railway’s ‘Enhanced Saloon Carriages’. Often known colloquially as ‘Super Barns’ they are the latest in a long line of large, saloon carriages built during the preservation era. Longer and wider than any of their predecessors, the doors are inset at the end in order to maintain the loading gauge. Another key feature is the increased distance between seats offering improved legroom and the double doors on one end allowing wheelchair access. The first of these vehicles, numbered ‘103’ was outshopped from Boston Lodge in late 2009 and entered traffic in early 2010, followed by a further two broadly similar vehicles over subsequent years. The design was then altered, replacing the alternating large and small windows with a single large window for each seating bay, providing a better look-out for passengers. It is this later variant which is represented by this kit. (A kit representing the earlier variant is also available).

This kit has been produced in collaboration with Daniel Jones, who is not only F&WHR fireman, but also spent a year working in the drawing office at Boston Lodge. Here his 3D CAD skills were put to good use on various projects, including production of 3D models for ‘Super Barn’ Underframes and Bogies. He is also a keen 16mm scale modeller and naturally wanted a 16mm scale version for himself. The design and development of these kits progressed over time, and during discussion with other modellers a potential commercial market for these kits was identified; at this time there was little or no modern FR stock available in kit form whatsoever. Other commitments saw work on the project slow, but once it reached a stage where advanced prototyping could begin, I was delighted to come to an agreement for these kits to be produced in collaboration with Resurgam Rolling Stock.

Laser cut from MDF or Plywood, these kits feature the usual hidden slot and tab construction method to aid accurate assembly. A particular feature of note is that the window surrounds and doors are provided as separate cassettes to allow easier application of the prototypical red and cream ‘Mountain Prince’ livery. Naturally all of the glazing and droplights fit into rebates within the carriage sides and are modelled in appropriate relief. Given those very large windows, the interior is fully fitted out with all relevant panel detail, tables and seating, including the red seat upholstery which will be provided in laser cut foam. 3D printed grab-rails and SLR Models Door Lock Covers are also included as standard.

The kit also includes all necessary parts to construct a pair of highly detailed of bogies, with 32mm gauge steel wheelsets on shouldered axles, running in oil-filled phosphor bronze bearings supplied as standard.

It should be noted that this kit makes for a very large vehicle in 16mm scale, at 633mm over the headstocks. On test the absolute minimum radii that could be traversed with care was 3ft, whilst producing a substantial chord, and ‘outswing’ in the process. As such the minimum recommended practical radii would be 4ft 6in. Regrettably this kit is unsuited to 45mm gauge due to limited clearance between the frames.

The engineering prototype shown here has been fitted with Accucraft Chopper Couplings, and the kit will be available with a pocket to mount the couplings from behind the headstocks, or a solid headstock to attach couplings of your choice. Please specify when ordering.

Whilst couplings, and decals are not supplied, prototypically correct decals are available from Endon Valley Custom Transfers.


At present it is planned the first kits will be available for dispatch during mid-September 2022, then at 28 days notice therafter.

Length Over Body: 633mm
Max Height mm: 143mm
Width Over Body: 105mm
Extreme Width: 109mm

Prices (All Prices + P&P)
Ffestiniog Railway ‘Enhanced Saloon – Panoramic Windows’ Carriage Kit (Super Barn)
MDF: £190.00 each
Plywood: £200.00 each

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