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Ffestiniog Railway '2-Ton' Slate Waggons

Three versions of these familiar and long lived vehicles are currently available from Resurgam Rolling Stock and are an ideal accompaniment to the many Ffestinog Railway Locomotives currently available.

Laser cut from MDF or Plywood and featuring proven hidden slot and tab construction they are complete with Binnie Engineering wheels, axles and coupling hooks, as well as HGLW oil filled bronze bearings. The kits are supplied with couplings designed as part of the kit’s construction, and parts are supplied to provide both a definitive scale outline for ‘hooks under the buffers’; with an option to couple-over the top in the more usual 16mm scale fashion. Despite looking delicate, the side and end walls are more than adequately robust once fully constructed. These vehicles are by their nature very light in weight when unladen, but there is plenty of room either under the chassis, or indeed as a modelled load to provide additional ballast to aid running.

To maintain a scale outline, these kits will only be available for 32mm gauge.


All prices are 'per kit' and are all 'plus postage'

1 or 2 : 2-Ton Slate Waggon (Unbraked): MDF: £19.00 Plywood: £22.00

1 or 2: 2-Ton Slate Waggon (Braked): MDF: £20.00 Plywood: £23.00

1 or 2: 2-Ton Slate Waggon (Ratchet Brake): MDF: £20.00 Plywood: £23.00

3 to 5 : 2-Ton Slate Waggons MDF: £18.00 each

3 to 5: 2-Ton Slate Waggons PLY: £22.00 each

6 +: 2-Ton  Slate Waggons MDF: £17.00 each

6 +: 2-Ton Slate Waggons PLY: £21.00 each

If you would like to place an order, please see the information on our ‘Ordering Page’

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